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June 2014

Procurement and Supply Chain

Are you in the middle of planning and sourcing vendors for your school supplies? Here are a few quick tips on how to choose the right vendor..

May 2014

The fun of 'Toy'ing around

Toying around is fun. Especially if it helps your students learn faster and retain what they learnt better. The use of toys are becoming an integral part of most school's curriculum today. Its innate quality of communicating lessons in a fun way is popular among kids and teachers alike. These toys range from the timeless blocks to the new age interactive pens, all of them delivering invaluable lessons to the kids.

April 2014

Welcome to the world of

We've been in the business for a while, and have now decided to be active on the online space, to interact with like minded people in the education sector. We won't be a boring corporate blog, we promise.It's always so convenient to pick one day of the week and step into a supermarket for hours together..